2017-18 League of Legends
2017-18 League of Legends Coaches
Kurt Melcher Image
Kurt Melcher
Executive Director/Founder- 4th Season

Cell: 312-296-0888
E-mail: kmelcher@robertmorris.edu



Ferris Ganzman
Director- 4th Season

Phone: 847-450-4056
E-mail: fganzman@robertmorris.edu

Robert Morris University is pleased to announce that Mr. Ferris "AGeNt" Ganzman has joined the Athletic Department as the coach of the first League of Legends Varsity  eSports team.  Mr. Ganzman is a recent graduate of Loyola University in Chicago and brings a wealth of League of Legends expertise and experience to Robert Morris University’s athletic department. 

Prior to accepting this position, Mr. Ganzman began his foray into League of Legends as a Manager for Orbit Gaming.  Ferris was responsible for recruiting and selecting players for their semi-professional team, a team that ultimately competed at MLG Anaheim, MLG Raleigh and found success in several major online tournaments.  The team consisted of players that today find themselves on Cloud 9, CLG, and TSM.

Mr. Ganzman later joined a European Challenger team called Sinners Never Sleep as an analyst, who pursued Riot’s League Championship Series.  The team not only qualified for the professional league, but they were picked up by the Lemondogs organization.   After finishing 2nd in Europe, they qualified for the World Championship.

Ferris also became an analyst for The Walking Zed, a team who was picked up by Cloud 9 as their North American challenger team.  During his years as manager, coach and analyst, 14 of the 19 players he influenced found tremendous success, advancing to play in the League of Legends Championship Series.  He attributes his coaching success thus far to mutual respect, where his gamers developed as players and he grew as a coach as well.  Ferris is currently serving as the Director of League of Legends for Gamers Network, an outreach group comprised of over 50 professional and challenger teams, various sponsors, casters and free agents.  His experience in consulting for professional players, working as a game analyst and recruiting quality players for various teams makes him a natural choice to take the helm of RMU’s League of Legends team. 

Ferris will be responsible for selecting members of the Varsity and Varsity Reserve League of Legends squads for the 2014-15 academic year, as well as management and coaching duties.  He will be working closely with Kurt Melcher, Associate Athletic Director and Director of e-Sports, pursuing a successful inaugural season for the League of Legends teams. 

Jose Espin
Program Coordinator- 4th Season

Phone: 708-785-3509
Email: jespin@robertmorris.edu

“Espin” is the RMU eSports Manager and Assistant Varsity Coach and he enters into his second season with the Eagles.  He has experience working with both the Varsity and Junior varsity teams, and along with that he manages the day-to-day activities in the eSports program.

He has been playing League of Legends since late season one.  His first involvement in eSports was watching professional Starcraft on OnGameNet and then began to follow the LoL scene. His favorite team was Azubu Blaze. 

Drake Porter
Gold Head Coach- 2nd Season
Daniel Morissette
Assistant Coach- 2nd Season
Ryan Makely
Maroon Head Coach- 2nd Season
Jose Carrasco
Varsity Reserve Coach- 4th Season

Phone: 773-318-7573
Email: jcarrasco@robertmorris.edu

Jose is a Chicago native and is in his second season with the RMU eSports program.   He was part of the first Eagles’ LoL team that won the NACC North Region and took second place in the NACC Tournament.

He first got into competitive gaming as a child, watching Call of Duty and Pokemon tournaments. As a teenager, he found out about League of Legends and quickly got into the competitive scene, watching North American teams but quickly advanced to observing the other regions as well. 

Adam Farm
Varsity Reserve Coach- 4th Season

Phone: 630-751-9110
Email: afarm@robertmorris.edu

Adam has been around competitive video gaming for the past nine years. He got his start on the game Team Fortress 2, but switched to League of Legends in 2011 and he has competed in local tournaments for both LoL and Hearthstone. Adam is now the RMU Coordinator for Dota 2, as well as coaching his own League of Legends team.

Michael Kuczynski
Varsity Reserve Coach- 2nd Season