2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
8 Cheer-CHThree Rivers Festival Performance
161:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Waubonsee CC
195:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Kankakee CC
221:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Mount Mercy University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
224:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Indiana Wesleyan University
 Judson University Tournament
225:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Ashford University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
2311:00AMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Benedictine College
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
231:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Taylor University
 Judson University Tournament
233:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Graceland University
 Mount Mercy University Tournament
278:30AMMen's Golf-CHCalumet College of St. Joseph Fall Invitational
288:30AMMen's Golf-CHCalumet College of St. Joseph Fall Invitational
293:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Arizona Christian
 Columbia College Tournament
297:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Columbia College
 Columbia College Tournament
309:00AMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Park University
 Columbia College Tournament
3012:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Saint Ambrose University
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament
301:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
 Columbia College Tournament
311:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Ashford University
 Saint Ambrose University Tournament
24:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Knox College
4 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Saint Ambrose University
410:00AMMen's Golf-CHOlivet Nazarene University Tigers Fall Invite
410:00AMWomen's Golf-CHCalumet College of St. Joseph Fall Invitational
5 Men's Soccer-CH @ Davenport University
510:00AMMen's Golf-CHOlivet Nazarene University Tigers Fall Invite
510:00AMWomen's Golf-CHCalumet College of St. Joseph Fall Invitational
612:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Grand View University
 RMU Invitational
61:00PMMen's Soccer-LC vs. Robert Morris University-Springfield
66:00PMFootball-CH @ Wisconsin-Oshkosh
7 Football-PR @ Eureka College
72:30PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Avila University
 RMU Invitational
9 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Trinity International University
99:00AMMen's Golf-CHUniversity of Saint Francis Fall Classic
910:00AMWomen's Golf-CHNorth Central College Fall Invitational
107:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC @ Carroll College
1112:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Saint Thomas University
12 Men's Cross Country-CHIllinois Intercollegiate - Olivet Nazarene University
12 Men's Soccer-CH vs. Goshen College
12 Women's Cross Country-CHIllinois Intercollegiate - Olivet Nazarene University
1310:00AMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Webber International
131:00PMFootball-PR vs. The Ohio State University
133:00PMMen's Soccer-LC vs. Finlandia University
135:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Finlandia University
136:00PMFootball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
1412:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Alverno College
1511:00AMMen's Golf-CHMike Lalaeff Memorial Invitational - Purdue University Calumet
16 Varsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH @ North Park College
168:30AMMen's Golf-CHMike Lalaeff Memorial Invitational - Purdue University Calumet
167:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
174:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Mount Mary College
19 Women's Tennis-CH @ TBA
 ITA Regional Championships - Graceland University
19 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
194:30PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Clarke University
 RMU Tri-Match
198:30PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Indiana University Northwest
 RMU Tri-Match
20 Softball-CH @ TBA
 NAIA Klash Tournament
20 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2012:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Madonna University
201:00PMFootball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
202:30PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Faith Baptist Bible College
206:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. University of Northwestern Ohio
23 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Judson University
236:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
246:00PMMen's Soccer-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
25 Men's Golf-CHTrinity Christian College Troll Classic
25 Varsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH @ Concordia Illinois
26 Men's Cross Country-CHBrissman Lundeen Invitational - Augustana College
26 Softball-CH vs. TBA
 RMU Fall Tournament
26 Women's Cross Country-CHBrissman Lundeen Invitational - Augustana College
26 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Illinois State University
26 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ The Ohio State University
26 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
26 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Bradley University
261:00PMMen's Soccer-LC @ Andrews University
263:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC @ Andrews University
264:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Mount Mercy University
 Clarke University Tournament
268:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Bellevue University
 Clarke University Tournament
27 Men's Soccer-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
27 Women's Soccer-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
27 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Illinois State University
27 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ The Ohio State University
27 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
27 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Bradley University
27 Football-PR @ Wright State University
2710:00AMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Clarke University
 Clarke University Tournament
2712:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Missouri University of S&T
 Clarke University Tournament
271:00PMFootball-CH @ Trinity International University
298:30AMWomen's Golf-CHOlivet Nazarene University Tigers Fall Invite
308:30AMWomen's Golf-CHOlivet Nazarene University Tigers Fall Invite
13:00PMWomen's Tennis-CH vs. Ashford University
17:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ North Park College
17:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
17:00PMVarsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH @ North Park College
3 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Navy
3 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. The Ohio State University
3 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Northern Michigan
3 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Lewis University
33:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Trinity Christian College
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
37:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Purdue University Calumet
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
4 Men's Cross Country-CHChile Pepper Cross Country Festival - University of Arkansas
4 Women's Cross Country-CHChile Pepper Cross Country Festival - University of Arkansas
4 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Navy
4 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. The Ohio State University
4 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Northern Michigan
4 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Lewis University
412:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
41:00PMFootball-CH vs. Marian University
41:00PMFootball-PR vs. Loyola University-Chicago
42:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
5 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Delaware
68:30AMWomen's Golf-CHChicago State University Fall Invitational
7 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Roosevelt University
78:30AMWomen's Golf-CHChicago State University Fall Invitational
74:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Roosevelt University
84:00PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Roosevelt University
10 Men's Cross Country-CHBethel College Invitational
10 Women's Cross Country-CHBethel College Invitational
10 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Ohio University
10 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Illinois
10 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Adrian College
10 Men's Soccer-LC @ Grace Bible College
10 Women's Soccer-LC @ Grace Bible College
102:00PMWomen's Tennis-CH vs. Valparaiso University
107:30PMVarsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH @ Richard J. Daley College
11 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Ohio University
11 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Illinois
11 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Adrian College
1110:30AMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Robert Morris University
1112:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
112:30PMMen's Soccer-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
117:00PMFootball-CH vs. University of Saint Francis
1211:00AMFootball-PR vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
121:00PMMen's Soccer-LC vs. Andrews University
123:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Andrews University
134:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC @ Robert Morris - Chicago JV
146:00PMMen's Soccer-CH vs. Holy Cross College
147:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Trinity International University
15 Varsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH vs. Roosevelt University
154:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Holy Cross College
17 Women's Tennis-CH vs. Dominican University
17 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Indiana Institute of Technology
17 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Grand Valley State
17 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Louisville
17 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Grand Valley State
17 Men's Hockey-SP @ Robert Morris University - Black
171:00PMMen's Soccer-LC @ Robert Morris University-Springfield
171:00PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Kaskaskia College
18 Men's Soccer-CH @ University of Saint Francis
18 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Indiana Institute of Technology
18 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Grand Valley State
18 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Louisville
18 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Grand Valley State
18 Men's Hockey-SP @ Robert Morris University - Black
1812:00PMFootball-CH @ Taylor University
1812:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. William Woods University
181:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ University of Saint Francis
21 Women's Soccer-CH @ Judson University
21 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
22 Men's Soccer-CH @ Judson University
223:30PMWomen's Soccer-LC @ Mount Mary College
24 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Lindenwood University
24 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Liberty Univeristy
24 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Norbert College
24 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Iowa State University
24 Men's Hockey-SP @ Bradley University
244:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Purdue University-North Central
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
247:30PMVarsity Reserve Men's Soccer-CH vs. Alliance
25 Men's Cross Country-CHNAIA Great Lake Challenge - Aquinas College
25 Women's Cross Country-CHNAIA Great Lake Challenge - Aquinas College
25 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Lindenwood University
25 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Liberty Univeristy
25 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Norbert College
25 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Iowa State University
25 Men's Hockey-SP @ Bradley University
2510:00AMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ University of Saint Francis
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
2512:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH @ Indiana University-South Bend
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
251:00PMFootball-CH vs. University of Saint Francis
251:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Purdue University Calumet
251:00PMMen's Baskeball-PR @ Silver Lake College
252:00PMFootball-PR vs. DePaul University
253:30PMMen's Soccer-CH @ Purdue University Calumet
2610:00AMWomen's Soccer-LC @ Finlandia University
286:00PMMen's Soccer-CH vs. Trinity International University
294:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH vs. Trinity International University
302:30PMWomen's Soccer-LC vs. Robert Morris - Chicago JV
307:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Judson University
31 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Louis University
31 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Loyola University-Chicago
31 Men's Baskeball-PR @ TBA
 Truman College Tournament
1 Men's Soccer-CH vs. Olivet Nazarene University
1 Women's Soccer-CH vs. Olivet Nazarene University
1 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Midland University
1 Women's Basketball-CH @ Purdue University Calumet
1 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Louis University
1 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Loyola University-Chicago
11:00PMFootball-CH vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
2 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Midland University
2 Women's Basketball-CH @ Purdue University Calumet
2 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Lindenwood University
4 Women's Volleyball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
4 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Parkland College
46:00PMWomen's Soccer-CH @ Saint Xavier University
5 Men's Soccer-CH @ Saint Xavier University
67:00PMWomen's Volleyball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
7 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
7 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Wisconsin-Oshkosh
7 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Marquette University
7 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Maryville University-St. Louis
8 Men's Cross Country-CHCCAC Championship - Judson University
8 Men's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Quarter-finals
8 Women's Cross Country-CHCCAC Championship - Judson University
8 Women's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Quarter-finals
8 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
8 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Wisconsin-Oshkosh
8 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Marquette University
8 Football-PR @ Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
811:00AMFootball-CH @ Siena Heights University
9 Cheer-CHCheer 4 A Cure
117:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Concordia Illinois
12 Men's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Semi-finals
12 Women's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Semi-finals
125:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Aquinas College
14 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Oakland University
 RMU ACHA Showcase
14 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Northern Illinois
 RMU Showcase
14 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. TBA
 RMU Showcase
14 Men's Hockey-SP @ TBA
 RMU Showcase
14 Men's Baskeball-PR @ TBA
 Lincoln College Classic
145:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
15 Men's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Championship
15 Women's Soccer-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament Championship
15 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
 RMU ACHA Showcase
15 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Colorado
 RMU Showcase
15 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. DePaul University
 RMU Showcase
15 Men's Hockey-SP @ TBA
 RMU Showcase
1512:00PMFootball-CH @ Concordia University
16 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Robert Morris University (Pa.)
 RMU ACHA Showcase
16 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Colorado
 RMU Showcase
16 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Illinois State University
177:30PMMen's Baskeball-PR vs. Cornell College
195:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
195:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Millikin University
197:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
21 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Rochester College
21 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Midland University
21 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Waldorf College
21 Men's Hockey White-CH @ TBA
 Clash in the Corn Invitational
21 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
21 Men's Baskeball-PR @ TBA
 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Invitational
216:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
22 Men's Cross Country-CHNAIA National Championship
22 Women's Cross Country-CHNAIA National Championship
22 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Rochester College
22 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Midland University
22 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Waldorf College
22 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
23 Cheer-CHWilmington Spiritline Invitational
24 Men's Baskeball-PR vs. Morthland College
246:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Lincoln College
255:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Judson College
257:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Judson College
28 Men's Basketball-CH @ Campbellsville University
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
29 Men's Basketball-CH @ Lindsey Wilson
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
3 Men's Baskeball-PR vs. Lakeland College
37:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Indiana University Northwest
48:00PMMen's Baskeball-PR @ Millikin University
5 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Illinois
5 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Miami Ohio
5 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Mary's
5 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Holy Cross College
5 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Northern Illinois
6 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Illinois
6 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Miami Ohio
6 Cheer-CHHoliday Classic
6 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ St. Mary's
6 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Holy Cross College
6 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Northern Illinois
62:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR vs. St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
65:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
67:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
7 Cheer-CHHoliday Classic
77:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Silver Lake College
107:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ University of Illinois at Springfield
11 Women's Basketball-CH @ Indiana University Northwest
12 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Iowa State University
12 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ DePaul University
12 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Illinois State University
12 Men's Hockey-SP @ Wheaton College
13 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Iowa State University
13 Men's Basketball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
13 Women's Basketball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
13 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ DePaul University
13 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Illinois State University
13 Men's Hockey-SP @ Wheaton College
13 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Danville Area CC
132:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Danville Area CC
155:30PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Black Hawk College-Moline
17 Women's Basketball-PR vs. Black Hawk College-Moline
185:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Trinity International University
187:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Trinity International University
19 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Davenport University
19 Men's Baskeball-PR @ TBA
 Morthland College Invitational
20 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Davenport University
203:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Life University
28 Women's Basketball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
28 Women's Basketball-PR @ TBA
 Filandia Winter Classic
29 Women's Basketball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
29 Women's Basketball-PR @ TBA
 Filandia Winter Classic
30 Women's Basketball-PR @ TBA
 Filandia Winter Classic
3 Men's Baskeball-PR vs. Crowley's Ridge College
32:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR vs. Crowley's Ridge College
33:00PMMen's Basketball-CH @ Life University
65:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Indiana University Northwest
7 Men's Basketball-CH @ Roosevelt University
7 Women's Basketball-CH @ Roosevelt University
9 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Robert Morris University (Pa.)
9 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Michigan
9 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Northern Illinois
9 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Hope
97:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Cincinnati Christian University
10 Men's Volleyball-CH @ University of California - Merced
10 Men's Volleyball-CH @ Cincinnati Christian University
10 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Robert Morris University (Pa.)
10 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. University of Michigan
10 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Northern Illinois
10 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Hope
105:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
107:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
13 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Elmhurst College
14 Men's Basketball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
14 Women's Basketball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
147:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Indiana University-South Bend
157:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Trinity International University
16 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Midland University
16 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Davenport University
16 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Michigan Tech
16 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Oakland University
16 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Robert Morris University - White
166:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Saint Ambrose University
17 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Midland University
17 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Davenport University
17 Cheer-CHJAM Super Nationals
17 Women's Basketball-CH @ Indiana University-South Bend
17 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Michigan Tech
17 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Oakland University
17 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Robert Morris University - White
18 Cheer-CHJAM Super Nationals
18 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Black Hawk College-East
207:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
21 Men's Basketball-CH @ Purdue University-North Central
21 Men's Baskeball-PR vs. Parkland College
22 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Massachusetts-Boston
23 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Illinois
23 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Massachusetts-Boston
23 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Illinois State University
23 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Aurora University
23 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Aurora University
237:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Lourdes University
24 Men's Volleyball-CH @ Siena Heights University
24 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Illinois
24 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Rhode Island
24 Men's Basketball-CH @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
24 Women's Basketball-CH @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
24 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ Illinois State University
24 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Aurora University
24 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Aurora University
242:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Crowley's Ridge College
25 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ University of Rhode Island
277:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
28 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Morthland College
285:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. University of Saint Francis
287:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. University of Saint Francis
30 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Ohio University
30 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Adrian College
30 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Minnesota-Duluth
30 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Northwestern University
30 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
31 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ Ohio University
31 Women's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Adrian College
31 Men's Basketball-CH @ Trinity Christian College
31 Women's Basketball-CH @ Trinity Christian College
31 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. University of Minnesota-Duluth
31 Men's Hockey White-CH @ Northwestern University
31 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Lakeland College
4 Men's Basketball-CH @ Judson University
4 Women's Basketball-CH @ Judson University
6 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Iowa State University
6 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Michigan State University
6 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Missouri State University
6 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH vs. Missouri State University
6 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Missouri State University
6 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Illinois State University
7 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Iowa State University
7 Women's Hockey Gold-CH @ Michigan State University
7 Cheer-CHNAIA
7 Men's Basketball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
7 Women's Basketball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
7 Men's Hockey White-CH vs. Missouri State University
7 Men's Hockey-SP vs. Illinois State University
107:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
115:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
117:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
127:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
13 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Lindenwood University
13 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ TBA
 NCHL Playoffs
13 Men's Hockey White-CH @ TBA
 MACHA Playoffs
13 Men's Hockey-SP @ TBA
 MACHA Playoffs
14 Men's Hockey Gold-CH vs. Lindenwood University
14 Men's Basketball-CH @ Holy Cross College
14 Women's Basketball-CH @ Holy Cross College
14 Men's Baskeball-PR @ Crowley's Ridge College
1412:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
15 Cheer-CHNAIA
152:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Silver Lake College
177:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Trinity International University
18 Women's Basketball-CH @ Trinity International University
185:30PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ Illinois Central College
197:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
20 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 CSCHL League Playoffs
20 Men's Hockey White-CH @ TBA
 Pacific Regionals
21 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 CSCHL League Playoffs
21 Cheer-CHPrairie State Challenge
215:00PMWomen's Basketball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
217:00PMMen's Basketball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
23 Men's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament- Opening Round
23 Women's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament- Opening Round
25 Men's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Quarterfinal Round
25 Women's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Quarterfinal Round
27 Men's Volleyball-CH @ TBA
 Missouri Valley Tournament
27 Women's Lacrosse-CH @ Asbury University
27 Men's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Semifinal Round
27 Women's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Semifinal Round
27 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ TBA
 Midwest Regionals
28 Women's Lacrosse-CH @ Georgetown College
28 Men's Basketball-CH @ Trinity International University
28 Men's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Final Round
28 Women's Basketball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Final Round
2812:00PMBaseball-CH @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
28Game 2Baseball-CH @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
282:00PMWomen's Tennis-CH @ University of Northwestern Ohio
282:00PMWomen's Basketball-PR @ St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
12:00PMBaseball-CH @ Oklahoma City University
212:00PMBaseball-CH @ Mid America Christian
26:00PMBaseball-CH @ Oklahoma City University
34:00PMBaseball-CH @ Oklahoma Christian University
3Game 2Baseball-CH @ Oklahoma Christian University
4 Baseball-CH @ Friends University
5 Baseball-CH @ Central Christian College
5Game 2Baseball-CH @ Central Christian College
5 Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Illinois State University
5Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Illinois State University
6 Baseball-CH @ McPherson College
6Game 2Baseball-CH @ McPherson College
6 Men's Volleyball-CH @ Clarke University
6 Softball-CH @ TBA
6 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
6 Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Heartland Community College
6 Men's Hockey White-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
7 Baseball-CH @ McPherson College
7 Softball-CH @ TBA
7 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
711:30AMBaseball-CH @ Central Christian College
8 Softball-CH @ TBA
8 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
9 Softball-CH @ TBA
10 Softball-CH @ TBA
10 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
10 Men's Hockey Maroon-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
11 Softball-CH @ TBA
11 Men's Hockey Gold-CH @ TBA
 ACHA National Tournament
112:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Waubonsee CC
11Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Waubonsee CC
117:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Lourdes University
12 Softball-CH @ TBA
13 Softball-CH @ TBA
133:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH @ University of Dubuque
136:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Cincinnati Christian University
14 Baseball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
14Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
14 Softball-CH @ TBA
14 Cheer-CHNAIA National Invitational
143:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH vs. McKendree University
15 Baseball-CH @ Roosevelt University
15Game 2Baseball-CH @ Roosevelt University
153:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH @ Aquinas College
17 Baseball-CH @ Holy Cross College
17Game 2Baseball-CH @ Holy Cross College
172:30PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ College of DuPage
17Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ College of DuPage
177:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
19Game 2Softball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
193:00PMSoftball-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
193:30PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ South Suburban
20 Men's Volleyball-CH @ TBA
 Family Weekend Tournament
205:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH @ Davenport University
21 Baseball-CH vs. Ashford University
21Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Ashford University
211:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Illinois Valley CC
21Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Illinois Valley CC
22 Baseball-CH vs. Ashford University
2212:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Siena Heights University
22Game 2Softball-CH vs. Siena Heights University
24 Women's Tennis-CH @ Benedictine University - Lisle
243:00PMSoftball-CH @ Trinity Christian College
24Game 2Softball-CH @ Trinity Christian College
243:30PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Saint Joseph's College
247:00PMMen's Volleyball-CH vs. Saint Ambrose University
25 Baseball-CH vs. Olivet Nazarene University
25Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Olivet Nazarene University
255:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH @ Indiana Institute of Technology
264:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Judson University
26Game 2Softball-CH vs. Judson University
27 Baseball-CH @ Trinity International University
27Game 2Baseball-CH @ Trinity International University
27 Men's Volleyball-CH @ TBA
 GLC Tournament - Cincinnati Christian University
27 Women's Tennis-CH vs. Lake Forest College
271:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH vs. Missouri Baptist College
275:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Concordia Illinois
28 Baseball-CH vs. Trinity International University
28Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Trinity International University
28 Softball-CH @ TBA
 Wheaton College Tournament
28 Women's Tennis-CH @ Olivet Nazarene University
283:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH vs. Lindenwood University
29 Baseball-CH @ Rochester College
29Game 2Baseball-CH @ Rochester College
306:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Judson University
30Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Judson University
306:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Judson University
30Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Judson University
31 Baseball-CH vs. Huntington University
31 Baseball-CH @ Goshen College
31 Women's Tennis-CH @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
313:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Lake Land College
15:00PMBaseball-CH @ Rockford College
24:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
2Game 2Softball-CH vs. Roosevelt University
26:00PMWomen's Lacrosse-CH vs. Midland University
26:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Benedictine University - Lisle
3 Baseball-CH vs. Saint Xavier University
312:00PMSoftball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
3Game 2Softball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
312:00PMSoftball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
3Game 2Softball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
4 Baseball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
4Game 2Baseball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
4 Women's Lacrosse-CH vs. Lawrence Technological University
4 Women's Tennis-CH vs. Judson University
66:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Judson University
6Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Judson University
74:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Purdue University-North Central
7Game 2Softball-CH vs. Purdue University-North Central
8 Baseball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
8Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
8 Women's Tennis-CH @ Roosevelt University
85:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Rockford College
8Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Rockford College
93:00PMSoftball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
9Game 2Softball-CH @ Saint Xavier University
10 Softball-CH @ TBA
 Ashford Tournament
103:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Kankakee CC
11 Baseball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
11Game 2Baseball-CH @ Cardinal Stritch University
11 Women's Tennis-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
11 Cheer-CHNCA College Nationals
12 Baseball-CH vs. Cardinal Stritch University
12 Cheer-CHNCA College Nationals
1212:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ North Central College
12Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ North Central College
135:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Judson University
13Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Judson University
14 Baseball-CH @ University of Saint Francis
14Game 2Baseball-CH @ University of Saint Francis
14 Women's Lacrosse-CH vs. Concordia University-Wisconsin
14 Women's Tennis-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
144:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
14Game 2Softball-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
154:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Robert Morris University-Springfield
15Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Robert Morris University-Springfield
165:00PMSoftball-CH @ University of Saint Francis
16Game 2Softball-CH @ University of Saint Francis
17 Softball-CH @ TBA
 University of Saint Francis Tournament
17 Women's Lacrosse-CH @ TBA
 NWLL West Region Tournament
18 Baseball-CH @ Purdue University-North Central
18Game 2Baseball-CH @ Purdue University-North Central
18 Women's Tennis-CH vs. University of Saint Francis
181:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Saint Joseph's College
18Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Saint Joseph's College
1912:00PMSoftball-CH @ Lake Forest College
19Game 2Softball-CH @ Lake Forest College
20 Women's Tennis-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Quarterfinal Round
214:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
21Game 2Softball-CH vs. Purdue University Calumet
22 Baseball-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
22Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
23 Men's Volleyball-CH @ TBA
 NAIA National Championship
23 Women's Lacrosse-CH @ TBA
 NWLL National Tournament
23 Women's Tennis-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Semifinal Round
233:15PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ Concordia Illinois
244:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Cornerstone University
24Game 2Softball-CH vs. Cornerstone University
25 Baseball-CH @ Judson University
25Game 2Baseball-CH @ Judson University
25 Women's Tennis-CH vs. TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament - Championship
25 Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ College of Lake County
25Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ College of Lake County
2512:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Trinity International University
25Game 2Softball-CH vs. Trinity International University
26 Baseball-CH vs. Judson University
2612:00PMSoftball-CH vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
26Game 2Softball-CH vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
273:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ McHenry County College
27Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH @ McHenry County College
28 Baseball-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
28Game 2Baseball-CH vs. Trinity Christian College
295:00PMVarsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Rockford College
29Game 2Varsity Reserve Baseball-CH vs. Rockford College
30 Softball-CH @ TBA
 CCAC Conference Tournament